Vernon de Goede

I'm Vernon de Goede, Engineering Manager at Mollie. Originally from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and currently based in Lisbon (Portugal) to set up Mollie's new development hub that will support over 100 Mollies by 2023.

I'm passionate about building high-performing teams that focus on creating products that users love. I am someone who gets shit done and will do everything I possibly can to make my teams feel supported while setting a clear vision that we are working towards together.

Over the last 10 years, I've had the pleasure to work with a great group of passionate engineers, product managers, and UX designers, working side-by-side to develop new products and improve upon existing products. I enjoy working in any part of the tech stack: UI, backend, mobile, (Cloud) infra, etc. I don't consider myself a real expert in any of these areas, but enjoy being able to make an impact by owning products end-to-end.

I'm an occassional writer, open-source contributor, electronic music enthusiast, and mentor.

Feel free to connect on LinkedIn if you'd like to work together.