Vernon de Goede

I’m Vernon de Goede, a frontend developer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I work at the Design team at Mollie. My goal is to make the web feel as native as possible using the latest and greatest techniques.

Over the last five years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great companies, working side by side to design and develop new apps and improve upon existing products. I mainly focus on creating clear, understandable systems and designing a goal oriented user experience through iteration and prototyping. At the end of the day, I just love collaborating with passionate startups and companies and make great apps.

Open source software

Because Open Source plays a major part in how we build our products, we see it as a matter of course to give the same effort back to our community by creating valuable, free and easy-to-use software.


  • Radboud University – Codeyard AwardWinner, 2010
  • Awwwards – The Horological Smartwatch.Website of the day, 2016
  • Awwwards – So JamieHonorable mention, 2016
  • Awwwards – RoyaumsHonorable mention, 2016